Cavity (white fillings)

A small holes in your teeth, or a broken teeth? With a white composite filling, we can restore your teeth. In case of tooth decay determined by the dentist, it is important that it is restored quickly to prevent further infection of the teeth by bacteria.

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Treating a cavity at Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen

Due to bacteria, small holes also known as caries or cavity can arise as result of infected teeth. Holes are formed when plaque attaches long-term to your teeth. The bacteria affect and softens the dental tissue allowing it to persistently penetrate deeper into the tooth.

Our dentist will explain the procedure with you. You will be asked if you require local anesthetic, which reduce the pain during treatment. Using a small drill, the infected dental tissue with bacteria will be removed completely. We will test if all infected tissue has been removed fully. Once all bacteria have been removed, the dentist will prepare a white filling for your teeth, colour matching it with the rest of your teeth.

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Sensitive teeth after filling

It is possible that you may experience sensitivity after a filling. This is normal and is the result of the contraction of the filling material (composite) during hardening.  It sometimes causes discomfort, especially during eating. It is also possible that the hole was quite deep and is located close to a nerve ending. This will result in sensitivity for hot, cold and hard foods. The nerve ending will retract normally automatically over a few months and the sensitivity will eventually disappear.

Regular visit to dentist | hygienist

To prevent cavity or teeth decay it is important to visit regular, twice a year the dentist for a check-up. In case of plague the dentist will advise you to make an appointment with our dental hygienist.

Do you have any questions regarding holes or fillings? Do you perhaps need to make an appointment for a filling?  Contact our reception directly at below number.

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