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Orthodontology concerns treatment for crooked teeth and molars by moving and straightening them. In addition, orthodontology improves the chewing function of teeth and makes teeth easier to clean and keep healthy. We are specialized in the invisible clear braces to correct teeth without observing any braces.
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At Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen in Amstelveen you are welcome for several orthodontic treatments including the invisible clear braces.  For complex cases we work together with orthodontist in Amstelveen where we can refer to.

Orthodontie Amstelveen

Treatment procedure consist of:

  • a clinical examination. X-rays, pre-treatment photographs, and 3D study models
  • consultation appointment and treatment plan
  • start of orthodontic treatment
  • evaluation of orthodontic treatment
  • Removal of braces and replace of retention equipment

Removable appliance (clear braces)

At Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen we are specialized in Clear Braces. A series of clear plastic shells that are designed to gradually correct minor alignment (tooth straightening) issues, typically changed every 2-3 weeks. The appliances are thin and flexible while strong enough to affect the desired changes.

The appliances are to be worn at all times except when eating and cleaning. Approximately 21 hours per day seems to allow for optimal results.

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