Dental care

At Keizer Karelpark Dentist in Amstelveen we offer a total quality approach to dental care under one roof. Whether you require a dental appointment for regular dentist check-up, a visit to our dental hygienist, a root canal treatment or tooth extraction or a dental implant, you will find all of these at Keizer Karelpark dentist in Amstelveen. Together, we guide and assist you to maintain your gums, teeth and molars in optimal condition.

Dental hygienist

A healthy mouth and teeth starts with perfect condition of your dental hygiene. Our dental hygienist will work with you to get your dental hygiene in perfect order starting with professional cleaning and by providing sound advice on how to improve your dental hygiene even further in order to prevent tooth decay and inflamed gums.

Dental check up

In order to ensure you teeth stays beautiful and healthy, it is advisable to have your teeth checked at twice per year, to detect (starting) problems and to prevent these from getting any bigger. During the dental checkup, your dentist will check for signs of progressive deterioration in your gums or teeth.

Childrens Dentist

At Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen we spend additional time at children and families. We are specialized in the dental treatment of children. Our goal is to establish a foundation of healthy oral habits so your child can have a lifetime of good oral health. All our dentist and hygienist are experienced in the treatment child friendly dentistry.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontology concerns treatment for crooked teeth and molars by moving and straightening them. In addition, orthodontology improves the chewing function of teeth and makes teeth easier to clean and keep healthy. We are specialized in the invisible clear braces to correct teeth without observing any braces.

Cavity (White fillings)

A small holes in your teeth, or a broken teeth? With a white composite filling, we can restore your teeth. In case of tooth decay determined by the dentist, it is important that it is restored quickly to prevent further infection of the teeth by bacteria.

Root canal treatment

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that has become severely infected or decayed (root canal infection). When diagnosis indicates the need for a root canal treatment, the infection within the roots of the tooth will be removed carefully in order to relieve the pain and save the tooth.

Dental implants

Lost or missing teeth can be replaced with an implant. This is a titanium screw that serves as an artificial root in the jawbone. A crown, bridges or dental prosthetics can then be fitted over it to restore the function and shape of the teeth. Implants in our practice are placed by our own dentist-implantologist, NVOI registered.

Dental crown and bridges

In the event that your teeth has been broken, filled or subjected to root canal treatment, it often has consequences that it can only be restored with a dental crown or dental bridge. Our crowns and bridges are hand crafted by our Dutch dental technician to get the best end result.

Dental Veneers

A veneer is a shield of tooth-coloured material that is placed over a tooth to restore its original shape and function. Examples of issues for which veneers can offer a solution include a crooked tooth, or a gap between teeth.

Dentures | Prostheses

Do you experience any pain when eating, do you have difficulty with speaking or do you have any other complaints concerning your denture? At Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen we are specialized in creating and manufacture of dental prosthesis.

Tooth whitening

Teeth can become discoloured for various reasons, such as smoking, and eating and drinking habits. Tooth whitening is a solution for restoring whiteness to discoloured teeth. Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen in Amstelveen has the professional experience in effective tooth whitening.

Dental cleaning

Effecting brushing twice a day your teeth, maintaining good oral care means healthy clean teeth. Many dental problems are created by the presence of plaque and subsequently tartar. Support of our dental hygienist with professional cleaning and tips helps you to prevent dental problems with your teeth.

Invisible clear braces

Do you need a brace treatment, but you don’t believe in a regular plate braces, metal braces or twin-block braces? At Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen we offer the innovative invisable clear braces which correct your teeth, without observing any braces.

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