Dental crown and bridges

In the event that your teeth has been broken, filled or subjected to root canal treatment, it often has consequences that it can only be restored with a dental crown or dental bridge. Our crowns and bridges are hand crafted by our Dutch dental technician to get the best end result.
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What are crowns?

A crown is a little cap we place over a damaged tooth or molar to restore the original shape and function. In addition to full crowns, we also do partial crowns. A partial crown is a cap that is placed over the chewing surface of a molar to protect it against cracks that occur from the force of chewing. Nowadays crowns are white and you will not often come across a crown with a dark edge. Sometimes it is necessary to use metal edge in a crown.

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What are bridges?

A bridge is a construction we use to replace one or more missing teeth or molars. The teeth or molars on either side of the gap serve as pillars that support the bridge. The bridge thus fills the gap created by the missing tooth or molar.

The treatment of a dental crown and bridges

The dentists at Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen in Amstelveen are experienced to produce high quality and professional crowns and bridges using the latest techniques.

Once a crown or bridge is diagnosed we schedule two appointments. At the first treatment session the broken tooth will be grinded away at the outset, to create a strong base for the new crown or bridges. The dentist will make imprints of the broken wisdom tooth and a temporarily crown is placed.

The crown of bridges are made hand crafted by the dental technician ensuring the have the best quality. By using a baking and glazing process, the dental technician will match the colour of your teeth perfectly. In the second session the dentist will place the final crown of bridges by using the latest adhesive techniques. Finally, an x-ray photo is made for final check.

Cost of treatment (transparent pricing)

Dental care in the Netherlands is completely privatized but insurers do offer coverage in their supplementary packages. Costs are well regulated by the government so that no dentist, no matter how lovely their practice may look on the outside, is allowed to charge you over the stipulated government rates. Before treatment we always provide a cost breakdown in advance to make sure there are no financial surprises.

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