Dental Veneers

A veneer is a shield of tooth-coloured material that is placed over a tooth to restore its original shape and function. Examples of issues for which veneers can offer a solution include a crooked tooth, or a gap between teeth.

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Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin layer of material placed on your teeth. They can be made of composite filling material or made by the dental technician using porcelain. Composite resin can be applied to adjust discolored teeth to a whiter colour. Skew teeth or teeth that are too far apart can also be improved to appear in a flowing line, even broken off teeth can be repaired with composite veneers.

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The differences between composite and porcelain veneers

  • Composite veneers are relatively cheap compared with porcelain veneers. No dental technician is necessarily compared with porcelain veneers
  • Created in one treatment instead of porcelain veneers.
  • Composite veneers can be easily repaired after a crack etc.
  • Composite veneers are an ideal solution when a bite increase should be realized. In people who have suffered from erosion (damage by acid) or e.g. a too low bite for other reasons, composite can be used with a bite elevation to raise the bite
  • Composite discolours easier than porcelain
  • There is a lack of transparency in a composite veneer. Composite is not very transparent, while dental enamel is
  • Porcelain veneers last much longer. It can appear quite nice for 10 years or longer


The manufacture of porcelain facings is done in at least two sessions. During the first treatment, a print is made of your teeth. On the basis of the print, the dental technician creates as natural as possible appearing porcelain veneers. During the second appointment, the porcelain veneers will be fitted first. If the color and shape of the veneers are approved, they can then be placed by your dentist.

Alternatives to veneers such as teeth whitening or braces

Veneers are not the only solution. Our dentist at Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen will give you alternative available options as well. Instead you may also opt for teeth whitening if the problem is discoloration of your teeth. If your teeth are crooked, you can also consider braces. Each treatment has certain advantages (benefits) and disadvantages that must be weighed against each other. This is of course best done in consultation with your dentist. The dentist will explain the alternative treatments and options available and will advise what is the best option which can be influenced by the condition of the teeth, the degree of discoloration or tilt for example. Also the price tag and the duration of treatment are all factors influencing your decision which treatment fits best.

Cost of treatment (transparent pricing)

Dental care in the Netherlands is completely privatized but insurers do offer coverage in their supplementary packages. Costs are well regulated by the government so that no dentist, no matter how lovely their practice may look on the outside, is allowed to charge you over the stipulated government rates. Before treatment we always provide a cost breakdown in advance to make sure there are no financial surprises

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