Dental implants

Lost or missing teeth can be replaced with an implant. This is a titanium screw that serves as an artificial root in the jawbone. A crown, bridges or dental prosthetics can then be fitted over it to restore the function and shape of the teeth. Implants in our practice are placed by our own dentist-implantologist, NVOI registered Linde van Groningen.

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Explanation of dental implant

In some situations, for example tooth wear or an accident trauma, it is impossible to save a tooth. However, an implant can be used to ensure that surrounding teeth do not need to be prepared for a bridge. Implants can also be used in cases to fix the dental prosthetics, also mentioned as ‘click denture’.

An implant is titanium screw that serves as an artificial root in the jawbone. AtKeizer Karelpark tandartsen we work with high quality implants of Straumann.

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Why have a dental implant at Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen?

Our implantologist Linde van Groningen is NVOI recognized and experienced implantologist who followed as one of the few implantologist in the Netherlands (only 25 in the Netherlands) the Post Academic three-year program Implantology and Prosthetics in Amsterdam. We use high quality implants from Straumann for the best end results.

Treatment Procedure

After administering local anesthesia, the implant will be carefully inserted into the bone and a healing cap will be attached to the implant to surface the gums. After a week (7-10 days) you are asked to come back for removing stitches and examine the healing process.

You will be send away for two-three months depending on your medical situation and the quality and quantity of the bones. The implantologist will unscrew the healing cap and screw in an impression coping, which is specifically made for your implant. An x-ray and putty impression will be taken to ensure proper fit. Photos will be taken of the teeth for the dental ceramist to create a life-like implant crown that no one will detect. The healing cap will be replaced and your next visit will be in two weeks for the final insertion of your crown.

The final visit will be just as easy as the previous one. The healing cap will be removed, a disinfecting solution will be applied to the implant to rid any bacteria, and the permanent custom abutment will be tried along with the implant crown. Dental x-rays will be taken to ensure a quality fit and that no micro-gaps are noted between the interface of the abutment and implant

Consult Dental Implants

First a consult with the implantologist is scheduled, to see if you are good candidate for dental implants. An OPT scan is made to diagnose the quality of your jawbone. A personal treatment plan is made and we provide a cost breakdown in advance of the expected costs.

You are a good candidate for dental implants if you:

  • Have enough bone to anchor the implants in the jaw
  • Are in good health
  • Have healthy gums
  • Are committed to taking care of the implanted teeth with regular brushing and flossing

Some people who have lost bone in their jaw can still get implants, but first the bone must be augmented with a bone graft.

Cost of treatment (transparent pricing)

Dental care in the Netherlands is completely privatized but insurers do offer coverage in their supplementary packages. Costs are well regulated by the government so that no dentist, no matter how lovely their practice may look on the outside, is allowed to charge you over the stipulated government rates. Before treatment we always provide a cost breakdown in advance to make sure there are no financial surprises.

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