Tooth whitening

Teeth can become discoloured for various reasons, such as smoking, and eating and drinking habits. Tooth whitening is a solution for restoring whiteness to discoloured teeth. Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen in Amstelveen has the professional experience in effective tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening is not a solution for everyone, so the specialist will advise and inform you prior to the treatment. We use two treatment methods: external and internal whitening. Each method has its own benefits.

Your lifestyle appears on your teeth; years of drinking coffee, tea, soda, or red wine, as well as smoking, can darken your teeth. whitening service of Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen is both easy and non-invasive, and can remove years of stain and color from your teeth.

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Tooth whitening at Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen

Prior to the tooth whitening treatment, your teeth will be extensively cleaned to ensure the best results possible. The treatment begins with the application of bleaching gel. After the gel has been applied to your teeth, we use a plasma lamp to start the bleaching process. The plasma lamp ensures that the bleaching gel is activated and delivers the optimal results.

The bleaching gel contains a maximum of 6% hydrogen peroxide and the plasma lamp does not radiate heat or UV light.  Teeth bleaching with a blue cold light and bleach gel is therefore safe for the gums and tooth enamel and no part of the structure of the teeth will be changed. The bleaching takes places on the tooth enamel layer. Treatment takes 2 hours on average including preparation of the gums before bleaching.

Tooth whitening at home

Home tooth whitening is also possible with Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen. In order to this, we’ll make two appointments with you. During the first appointment, imprints will be made of your mouth, after which a dental technician will create special bleaching trays for the upper and lower jaws. These will be available for you to collect from the practice after a week. You will get detailed instructions for tooth bleaching at home.

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