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Effecting brushing twice a day your teeth, maintaining good oral care means healthy clean teeth.

Many dental problems are created by the presence of plaque and subsequently tartar. Support of our dental hygienist with professional cleaning and tips helps you to prevent dental problems with your teeth.

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Brushing (electric), flossing, and applying dental sticks to remove plaque. When plaque is not effectively removed on a daily basis, plaque turns hard when it to tartar, leading to tartar and holes in and between your teeth. At Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen we like prevent this in advance.

Professional dental cleaning and polishing removes tartar and plaque and surface stains on teeth and leaves them shiny and smooth. During periodic dental check up by your dentist your teeth and gums are checked. Using a pocket probe your gums condition is checked.

Pending on your gums score (DPSI scores) the dentist will recommend you, if dental cleaning by our dental hygienist is necessarily. In cases of inflamed gums (gingivitis and periodontitis) follow up appointments are necessarily to save| restore your teeth and gums.


Tandarts Amstelveen
  • Bleeding gums. Your gums should not bleed during brushing, the use of dental sticks or flossing
  • Loose teeth caused by long term inflammation
  • Red and swollen gums, retracted gums of your teeth.
  • Often cavities in your teeth
  • Tartar or dental plaque
  • Bad breath or taste in mouth


Treatmens that our dental hygienist performs are removal of tartar, plaque and infections, the placing of fluoride, advice and explanations of prevention gums and cavities problems. The placing of sealants to prevent cavities. In cases if inflamed gums and infections cleaning of root surfaces under the gums.

With a pocket probe our dental hygienist at Keizer Karelpark Tandartsen examines your teeth and gums, measures the holes between teeth and gums and check if your gums are swollen and infected. How deeper she can reach with the pocket probe, how unhealthy your gums are. The dental hygienist will give for every toot |gum a DPSI score between 0-4. Based on the scores we define your treatment plan.

A score of 0, means healthy gums, pink color, no bleeding after brushing your teeth, flossing and using dental sticks. In cases of scores of 1-2, your gums are inflamed, tartar, dental plaque are on the edge of your gums, but still accessible to be removed by professional dental treatment.

In cases of scores of 3 and 4 your gums and jawbone are infected. Your risk losing your teeth and molars.

Remove plaque and tartar

Our hygienist will remover tartar and plaque, using manually scalers and curretes or using a tartar device with ultrasound vibrations. After treatments she will polish your teeth. Using plaque coloring she can show individually and advise you, where dental plaque after brushing still remains and gives your tips how to remove all plaque on a daily basis.

Tandsteen verwijderen

Het verwijderen van verkalkte tandplak tot tandsteen kan op twee manieren: handmatig met een klein haakje dat het tandsteen ‘wegkrabt’ of via ultrasone trillingen. De mondhygiëniste trilt dan met een apparaat het tandsteen los en spoelt dit met water weg. Na het verwijderen van het tandsteen polijsten we het gebit.


Dental cleaning inflamed gums

Inflamed gums (gingivitis and periodontitis) need to be treated to prevent losing your teeth and molars. Simply explained, a case of gingivitis is a result of dental plaque an infection exists on the edge of the gums. If the infection spreads close to the jawbone, then the term for this is periodontitis (unhealthy condition that request immediately treatment). Treatment consist of removal of tartar and plaque, removal of infection below your gums (jawbone). Once infection is out your gums can recover slowly.


After the cleaning, your teeth and molars are shiny and smoot. Our dental hygienists will give advice on how you can best look after your teeth. Be aware that you can have sensitive teeth after treatment.

In cases of inflamed gums (gingivitis and periodontitis) your gums can be heavily sensitive and swollen due the removal of the infection below your gums. In cases of inflamed gums several follow up appointments are necessarily to remove all tartar and infection.

Cost dental hygiene treatment

The costs of dental hygiene treatment are not covered by the basic health insurance. In the event that you have additional insurance for dental treatment then in most cases, the costs are reimbursed. If in doubt, double check the terms of your additional health insurance policy or contact your insurance provider.

The costs for children younger than 18 years old are covered by the basic insurance. For children younger than 18 years it’s not necessary to open an additional health insurance policy.

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